Know Which Type of Pool Fence is For You

If you own a pool in your yard, one of the best things to consider is your safety. Even if you believe it or not, a pool can be a risk particularly if you have pets or young kids in your home. Hence, a pool fence is really important to have and it enables you to have peace of mind as you relax in your patio, lawn, or even garden. However, there are a lot of pool fence types. Here are some of them and determine which one is best for you and your needs:

Wooden pool fences

A wooden pool fence has the benefits of not being transparent. Moreover, they are way inexpensive compared to other types of pool fencing. Wooden pool fences are also quite simple to install and it endures for quite some time.

Glass pool fences

If you wish to have maximum transparency and maximum light at the same time, a glass fence it the best option to get. With this type of pool fence, it can offer your pool a contemporary and classic look while being entirely safe as well. But, it’s harder to clean, expectedly costly, and is not removable.

All-safe fences

All-safe fences are the best option since they are removable. It can secure your kid near the pool space, however, you can choose to remove them when the kids aren’t home. The frame of this pool fence has a durable mesh fabric makeup and it’s also lightweight. It will not easily be scratched, which is perfect especially if you have kids. An all-safe fence is greatly spaced, strong, durable, and it has support poles made out of aluminum materials. You can easily remove this fence and roll up for storage.

Iron pool fences

This type of fence is perfect for all types of application whether residential or commercial. They are also a good option to add security because of their strength. Moreover, they are very decorative, they help improve your privacy, and boost your safety near your pool.

Aluminum pool fence

This type of fence for pools is ideal since they do not rust and they are maintenance-free. Usually, they go together with a lifetime warranty as well. The best thing about an aluminum pool fence is that it’s available in different colors and grades. So, you get lots of options to choose from. It’s also perfect for both commercial and residential homes. This pool fence won’t only add more security, but it can also beautify your pool area. If you have a saltwater pool, then this fence is perfect for you since it won’t rust unlike any other type of pool fence.

After knowing the different types of pool fences, have you decided on which one to have based on your wants and needs? Of course, the first thing to consider must be your safety and then you can think about your personal preferences, cost, and fence aesthetics. If you want to install one, contact Kenosha Fence Companies for quality installation services.