If your gutters are properly functioning and are in good condition, they can guide rainwater away from your house, avoiding erosion, rust, sagging, mold, and more. Once they get damaged, your gutters will have to be replaced or at least be repaired to ensure that they will work at full capacity. But once you can observe any of the signs below, you need to contact a reliable gutter company to have it repaired ASAP before your property will be damaged. If needed, you can also schedule a gutter installation Fort Collins for your new gutter. 


Mildew or mold 

Mildew and mold are health hazards, and damaged gutters can allow leaking moisture to encourage them to grow. Once you can observe signs of mold in your gutters, near your roof, or in your basement, you may have to book for a gutter replacement as soon as possible. 

Peeling paint 

Leaky gutters enable moisture to reach your house, leading to unattractive paint peeling. Once you’ve seen some peeling paint on your house, consider that as a sign that you need to replace your gutters.  

Pitch issues or sagging gutter 

Once you can see signs of sagging gutter, it could be pitched incorrectly, or the brackets could be loose. Once you fail to repair your sagging gutters for a long time, this can cause damage to your complete gutter system. Plus, it may lead to a gutter replacement. Moreover, sagging gutters can escape from your home, resulting in injury or property damage once they fall.  

Foundation problems 

If your yard has pooling or standing water, it tends to penetrate within the soil surrounding your property. As a result, your foundation ends up shifting. Once you’re having some problems with your foundation, one of the main culprits could be your faulty gutters. Because of that, have your gutters checked and repaired.  

Water pooling 

Dirt channels or standing water are among the indicators that the gutter is blocked. However, there are times when such signs can take place even if there’s no obstruction going on. Standing water can be transformed as an ideal place for mosquitoes and mold to thrive, and it’s an sign that your gutter is not draining right.  

Separated gutters, gaps, cracks, or fractures 

Any of these signs require urgent repair and attention because gaps and cracks let water leak out. Plus, they can damage the siding of your home or the fascia.  

Rust or orange discoloration 

When metal is rusted, it can be vulnerable to breaking and cracking. Once your gutter starts to rust due to continuous rain, it’s most ideal if you get them replaced before they will be unproductive.  

Eroding landscape or soil 

Once gutters are in good condition and work well, they direct rainwater away from your property in a stable stream. If huge quantities of water end up in your soil due to leaky gutters, erosion could take place, damaging your flower beds and your home.