If you want to lower your energy usage, you really have to consider your appliances. For those who don’t know, more than 30% of your home’s utility expenses every month is from the appliances you use. The Department of Energy of the United States estimates that every resident spends $2,000 every year on utility. That’s why energy-efficient appliances can have a great effect on your efforts, whether you’re looking to make a couple of changes in an effort to save the environment, your money, or both.

If you’re constantly spending a lot of money for appliance repair St George Utah, perhaps it is time for you to upgrade. Here are several reasons why:

Save Money

Energy-efficient appliances can provide a lot of savings compared to older models. You might save 20-50% every year if you upgrade. Aside from the money and energy you save, appliances such as clothes washer and dishwasher can help to lower water usage with high-tech features that generate better or the same results with less waste.


You might have the ability to apply for incentives such as rebates and more if you upgrade to water-efficient and energy-efficient appliances. This can help to decrease the overall expense of the appliance.

Return on Investment

Modern appliances can add value to your house if you plan to sell it at some point. In addition to that, it can also make your house more appealing to potential buyers.

Better Features

Upgraded appliances will offer you better results compared to worn, inefficient, or old appliances. Nowadays, appliances offer safer cooling, spotless dishes, cleaner clothes, and much more. Most modern appliances include innovative technology that provides homeowners a feature-rich experience to improve their lifestyle.


The energy-efficient appliances nowadays are easier to utilize and more convenient compared to the older models. Oftentimes, they can finish a job in a fraction of time while utilizing less water and energy.

Lowered Carbon Footprint

The average single-family household can lower their greenhouse gas emissions by around 140,000 pounds over the entire life of their modern appliances. This is according to the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (EPA). For those who don’t know, there is a lot of EPA carbon footprint calculator online that you can utilize to figure out the effect of your home and figure out which parts you have to improve.

Do You Really Need One?

Energy-efficient appliances are made to finish a job at hand while using less amount of energy. The main goal of these types of appliances is to lower fuel consumption. If the appliance is rated by the Energy Star, it means that it’s been certified to save energy and money and protect the environment without lowering performance.

If you want to upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, you have to ensure that you prioritize those appliances that are extremely old. This is particularly true if that particular appliance is costing you a lot of money to operate. Always search for products with the Energy Star label to ensure that it is energy-efficient.